Blue Prairie | Supercharging Legacy Applications

Using modern open source stacks.  Our technologies and experience help organizations like yours preserve the low total cost of ownership of your proven legacy applications while taking advantage of the latest technologies.

The combination of proven core apps and modern technology make for a powerful potent combination that contains IT Budget creep and allows for rapid change-out to the latest technologies, as they emerge.  It's a pragmatic approach that aligns business budgets and technology investments to achieve unrivaled value and flexibility.


Blue Prairie Forms (pdf)


Simply Stunning Forms (Flier)

Blue Prairie Forms connects the popular (and FREE) OpenOffice / LibreOffice system to your MultiValue server.  The result, it's simple to design and deploy spectacular customer forms, reports and other physical and digital output. 


CloudStreet Portal Flier (pdf)


Customers love speed and convenience. 

Cloudstreet Portal gives you everything you need to leverage your existing transactional data to build customer satisfaction.

Designed with the latest open source web frameworks with admin tools that allow even non-technical types create and manage a rich customer experience, Cloudstreet is the cost effective alternative to custom portal development.

BP Forms Success Story

Nick Niebrugge of Dust and Son realized that the company could save money by eliminating expensive multi-part forms and move to inexpensive paper stock.  The cost savings on paper alone more than paid for the project in less than 12 months and they eliminated their dependence on unreliable and difficult to manage impact printers.

Cloudstreet Portal Youtube Channel

Learn more about the New Cloudstreet Portal 4.0 on our new Youtube video channel!  Check it out!




Cloudstreet Portal Success Story

Smyth Automotive

Smyth Automotive was looking for a way to distribute documents to its customers and partners to lower paper and mailing costs.  Cloudstreet Portal delivered while lowering Smyth's labor costs and giving its customers a superior 24x7 experience.  Read more about how CloudStreet Portal delivered for Smyth