What is Cloudstreet Portal?

Cloudstreet Portal is an extension to the popular, open source, award-winning Joomla Content Management System. Cloudstreet's goal is to allow you to combine the rich data stored in your ERP/MRP system with Joomla's award-winning ease of use.  This allows you to easily and securely share information from your ERP/MRP to your business stakeholders including customers, vendors, employees and even the general public.  Joomla is responsive and mobile friendly which allows you to effortlessly distribute business data across virtually any device.  Joomla is in use on millions of sites around the world with a vibrant ecosystem of extensions, plugins, templates and more.  Joomla developers are abundant across the globe ensuring that Cloudstreet will remain one of the most popular, secure, user-friendly, and affordable frameworks for building your powerful web presence.

Who Needs it?

Who needs it?

Any organization that interacts with stakeholders can benefit from Cloudstreet Portal.  Being able to securely and automatically place all relevant information at the fingertips of employees, partners, customers and management can improve operational efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.


Cloudstreet Portal integrates all related data about a transaction in one place that's easy to access.  For example, a customer can click on a statement, then click on an invoice, then click on a part number to see all related data, spec sheets then click on the ship qty and see the delivery tracking information and even click on the total to securely pay the invoice on-line using your own merchant account!

Documents become much more than a single purpose image of a piece of paper.  Instead, documents become a hub where customers can quickly and intuitively get all the information they need, with just a few clicks.

 "Cloudstreet Portal is so painless to implement with great benefit for our customers."

-Jennifer Rehlinger, Jung Seed Company


What's Included

What's included?

In short, everything except your data:

  • All cloud resources (35GB of data storage is provided with the entry-level hosting).
  • A domain name for your portal.
  • Easy web-based tools to define your divisions and document types.
  • Self-administering access tools.
  • All updates and security patches.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited document types
  • Unlimited divisions



  • Access: Employees can access all information related to a transaction with just a click.
  • Performance: Fast searching.
  • Mobile: Runs anywhere on any browser or mobile device.
  • Simplicity: Super easy to configure and manage without programming skills.
  • Load: Reduces load on your critical systems.
  • Efficiency: Customer self service means less workload for your employees.
  • Proactive: Automatic email notifications keep your customers in the know whenever documents are added or updated.
  • Universal: Integrates with virtually anything.

CloudStreet at Work


New In Release 5.3

Release 5.3 includes some new capabilities allowing you to customize and control in new and powerful ways

Internal Notes and Workflow

Now each document can be annotated right on the portal allowing your employees to enter notes related to the document and even passing tasks to co-workers using workflows.  Using internal notes is easy and fast. 

Simply call up the document view then click on the tab entitled "Internal Notes" like this:




When you click on the "Internal Notes" tab, all internal notes relevant to the selected document will be shown:


And adding a new internal note is as simple as pressing the Add button and filling out the form





Custom Settings

Custom settings provides you, the administraqtor, with a great deal of control over the look and behavior of document lists and fields.  Just choose the Custom Settings menu and browse the many parameters you can customize at both a document list as well as document field level.



List Settings allow you to customize:

  • List Label (Heading).
  • Introduction text.
  • Default number of rows to display per page (pagination).
  • Empty data message (no documents).
  • Footer Text.


Field Settings allow you to customize:

  • Heading text that will be displayed when the field is displayed in a document list.
  • Tip Text (the text shown when a user rolls over the help icon next to the field name on an editable form).
  • Whether the field will display in the list of documents
  • The user privilege level required to see the field within a document list.
  • The user privilege level required to allow this field to appear in the filters pop-up.
  • Whether the field should appear in the 'Advanced Search' list of fields
  • When searching, whether the search value will be an exact match or a partial match
  • When searching, whether the search engine will perform a full-word match or consider the search phase to be the entire value.


New Optimized Document Importer

Release 5.3 includes a new, optimized document import utility that is faster and does a more efficient job of detecting duplicate documents and taking appropriate action.