As users within your customer's organization start to use the CloudStreet Portal website, they will submit subscriptions requesting authorization to view documents for business transactions. In addition, you may receive a subscription notification from an employee within your customer's organization requesting to be authorized as a Client Administrator. Your job as the Customer Service Rep is to review and approve these subscription requests.

You can view a listing of all subscription requests (pending and approved) by selecting Subscriptions from the Customer Service Rep menu.


To approve a subscriptions request, click the Edit icon to the right of the subscription to access the subscriptions approval form. Note, you can also suspend or deny a user's access to documents using the edit form.

Authorize the subscription by changing the status field from "pending_approval" to "approved".

Click the Save button to complete the approval process.

To delete a subscription, first select the subscription you wish to delete and then press the 'delete' icon to the right of the subscription